Basketball Defenses

Defensive Stopper

Obviously in the game of basketball, the offensive player has a big advantage over a defensive player. However, Team defense can neutralize this advantage with sound defensive fundamentals and teamwork. Team defense does not only eliminate all one-on-one isolations and player mismatches that may occur during a game, but it also provides defenders with strong, helpside support and quick hitting double teams.


Defensive Workaholic


Disruptive Pressure Defense

This is the very foundation on which Disruptive Pressure Defense is built. Preventing the other team from scoring is just as important as points scored. Every blocked shot, every bad pass, every rushed shot, every turnover, and every disrupted offensive pattern are vital to the outcome of the game. Rather than reacting and countering offensive actions, Disruptive Pressure takes the initiative and disrupts an offensive team’s attack. As a result, the offensive team is forced out of their normal operating areas and patterns allowing the defensive team to become the aggressor and controlling force. Disruptive Pressure Defense does require that players develop an aptitude and attitude to anticipate and attack, rather than to react.

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